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Use the Instruction Tree to navigate to a POU and right-click on it to bring up the menu with the Properties dialog box for that item.

You can renumber and rename subroutines and interrupt routines, but not the main program block (OB1). If you assign a symbolic name to a POU, the symbolic name is displayed in your program code even when you do not have Symbolic Addressing view enabled.


You cannot use the default name (the POU address assigned by STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32, such as SBR1 for a subroutine or INT1 for an interrupt routine) as the symbolic name because that would constitute a duplicate assignment. If you violate the guidelines for making a symbolic name assignment, STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 reports an error when you try to compile your program.

If you assign symbolic names to the POUs in your program, the Symbol Table displays a special tab ("POU Symbols") that lists the assignments. You can only view this tab; you cannot edit the entries from the Symbol Table. To change an assignment, you must edit the Properties dialog for the appropriate POU.

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