Generic Instructions in FBD

The generic box provides a quick, keyboard method for picking and placing instructions in FBD. Using the F9 key or the toolbar button, you can drop a generic box like the one below. A sorted list box will appear below the box that contains the label for the FBD instructions and user-defined subroutines of the project. As keys are pressed, the list box highlights the best match. When the correct mnemonic appears, you may accept the new mnemonic by pressing Enter or by double clicking.

When you cancel out of a list box by pressing escape, the generic instruction will remain. When you click on or near the ??? label of a generic instruction, or place the cursor on a generic instruction and press Enter, the appropriate list box type will reappear.

All rules for dropping instructions also apply for the generic box and any instructions selected from its list box. NOTE: The AND and OR instructions associated with the F4 and F6 keys will not be available from the list box.