Compare Greater Than or Equal Compare

Inputs/Outputs Operands Data Types
Inputs (LAD & FBD) IB, QB, MB, SB, SMB, VB, LB, IW, QW, MW, SW, SMW, VW, LW, T, C, AIW, ID, QD, MD, SD, SMD, VD, LD, HC, AC, Constant, *VD, *AC, *LD BYTE, INT, DINT, REAL
Output (LAD) Power Flow BOOL
Output (FBD) I, Q, M, SM, V, S, L, Power Flow BOOL

Memory Ranges ENO Errors Instruction Support for S7-200 CPUs SIMATIC/International Mnemonics
The Compare Greater Than or Equal (GE) function compares IN1 greater than or equal to IN2 with the Boolean result placed in OUT. The input and output data types can vary, but they must be of the same type.

Byte comparisons are unsigned. Integer, double integer, and real comparisons are signed. Time operations use signed integers.