How the Program Editor Shows Entry Errors in STL (GS 5.7)

An X before a line indicates that the line is either not syntactically complete, or else it is not a valid line and will not be compiled properly.

Red text indicates illegal syntax. (As you type instructions and addresses, they are automatically red until they are complete.) When you replace an illegal value with a valid value, the font automatically changes to the default font color (black, unless you have customized the window).

A red wavy line underneath a value indicates that the value is either out of range or incorrect for this type of instruction.

A green wavy line underneath a value indicates that the variable or symbol being used has not been defined. STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 permits you to write your program before defining variables and symbols. At any time, you can add the value to your Local Variable Table or Symbol Table.


·Click the right mouse button to bring up a menu with the five closest matches for global symbols.

·Use the Define Symbol dialog box to resolve undefined symbols.