How to Compile in STL (GS 5.8)

In STL, an X before a line in your program indicates that the line must be corrected or it will not be compiled.

How to Compile

You can compile by using the toolbar buttons or the PLC menu.

"Compile" allows you to compile a single element of your project. The window (Program Editor, System Block, or Data Block) that has focus when you choose "Compile" is the window that is compiled; the other two windows are not compiled.

"Compile All" compiles the Program Editor, System Block, and Data Block. It does not matter which window is in focus when you use the "Compile All" command.

Use the Output Window to Resolve Errors

When you compile, the Output Window lists any errors that occur. The errors are identified by location (network, row, and column) as well as type of error. You can double-click on an error line to bring up the network of code that contains the error in the Program Editor.

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