How to Save Your Work (GS 5.9)

You can save your work by using the Save button on the toolbar or the Save and Save As options from the File menu.

"Save" allows you to quickly save any changes to your work. (The first time you save a project, however, you are prompted to confirm or modify the default choices of name and directory for your current project.)

"Save As" allows you to modify the name and/or directory location of your current project.

By default, STEP 7-Micro/WIN supplies the name "Project1.mwp" for your project when you first create it. You can accept or modify this name; if you accept it, the default name for the next project is automatically incremented to "Project2.mwp. "

The default directory location for STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 projects is a folder called "Projects" that is located inside the "Microwin" directory. You do not have to accept the default location.