Set, Reset (N Bits) Bit Logic

Inputs/Outputs Operands Data Types
bit I, Q, M, SM, T, C, V, S, L BOOL
N VB, IB, QB, MB, SMB, SB, LB, AC, Constant, *VD, *AC, *LD BYTE

Memory Ranges ENO Errors Instruction Support for S7-200 CPUs SIMATIC/International Mnemonics
When the Set (S) and Reset (R) instructions are executed, the specified number of points (N) starting at the address specified by the bit parameter are set (turned on) or reset (turned off).

The range of points that can be set or reset is 1 to 255. When using the Reset instruction, if the bit is specified to be either a T- or C- bit, then either the timer or counter bit is reset and the timer/counter current value is cleared.

Error Conditions that Set ENO = 0:

SM4.3 (run-time), 0006 (indirect address), 0091 (operand out of range)