How to Enter Program Comments in STL (GS 5.3)

Program Comments

All comments in STL must be preceded by a double slash: //

You can comment an entire line; you can put comments after a valid instruction on a line. You cannot create midline comments: everything after the double slash is treated as a comment by the compiler.

The maximum line length, including comments, is 255 characters.


Network 1 // This line introduces the first network of your program
LD I0.0 // Loads the value at I0.0
OI0.1 // Or with value of I0.1
// More instructions here: each network is composed of multiple instructions
Network 2 // Starts a new network of instructions

Project Component Comments

Use the Instruction Tree to navigate to a POU and right-click on it to bring up the menu with the Properties dialog box for that item.