How to Download a Program (GS 6.3)

If you have successfully established communications between the personal computer on which you are running STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 and a PLC, you can download your program to that PLC. Follow the procedure outlined below.


When you download a program block, data block, or system block from your personal computer to the PLC, the contents of the block that you are downloading from the personal computer overwrite the contents of the block that is currently in the PLC (if there already is one in the PLC). Be sure that you want to overwrite the block that is in the PLC before you initiate a download.

1.Before you can download to the PLC, you must verify that the PLC is in Stop mode. Examine the mode indicator light on the PLC. If the PLC is not in Stop mode, click on the Stop button in the toolbar or choose PLC>STOP.

2.Click the Download button in the toolbar or choose PLC>Download. The "Download" dialog box appears.

3.By default, the check boxes for "Program Code Block," "Data Block," and "CPU Configuration" (the system block) are selected the first time that you issue the download command. If you do not need to download a particular block, clear its check box.

4.Click the "OK" button to initiate the download process.

5.If the download is successful, a confirmation box displays the following message: "Download Successful." Proceed to Step 12.

6.If the value in STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 for your CPU type does not match your actual PLC, a warning box appears with this message:
"The PLC type selected for the project does not match the remote PLC type. Continue Download?"

7.To correct the PLC type selection, choose "No" to terminate the download process.

8.From the menu bar, choose PLC>Type to bring up the "CPU Type" dialog box.

9.You can either select the correct type from the drop-down list box, or click on the "Read CPU" button to have STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 automatically read the correct value.

10.Click the "OK" button to confirm the PLC type and dismiss the dialog box.

11.Re-initiate the download process by clicking on the Download button in the toolbar or choosing PLC>Download from the menu bar.

12.Once you have successfully downloaded, you must switch the PLC from STOP mode back to RUN mode before you can run the program in the PLC. Click the Run button in the toolbar or choose PLC>RUN to switch the PLC back to RUN mode.

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